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C.A.S.E.S. International specialise in non-profit solutions for international organisations and governments in Ukraine and the region. We supply our partners with technical excellence and personal commitment aimed at changing our world for the better.



Efficient public policy is based on constitutional rights, laws and regulations as well as on transparent and effective social dialogue. Public problems must be identified and resolved with collaborative efforts balancing goals of governments and civil society through dynamic, complex and interactive system. This approach has paramount importance regardless of the sector or policy in question.

Our focus:

  • Incentives for development of SMEs and the middle class

  • Tripatrite social dialogue

  • Advocacy and education campaigns

regulatory policy (tax, customs, competition, sectoral)

Effective development of SMEs is much dependent on Tax and Customs (T&C) systems, protection of fair competition, and adequate regulations in any given sector of economy. Reducing regulatory pressure and introducing effective measures to harness bad faifth competitors facilitate involvement of SMEs in economic processes. Key elements of good regulatory policy for SMEs include regulatory impact assessment, reforms to tax and customs administration and bankruptcy procedures, procedural fairness and level playing field for big businesses and SMEs, improved availability and provision of information, and use of digital technologies.

Our focus:

  • Advocating for appropriate regulatory policies

  • Tackling ineffective administration and corruption in authorities

  • Developing regulatory incentives for SMEs development




Judicial system plays crucial role in SMEs operations and possibility to attract investors. Confidence in courts boosts performance of entrepreneurs exponentially, allowing SMEs to focus on innovations and business management rather than on constant and burdensome protection of their lawful interests. SMEs should also have access to alternative dispute resolution and mediation institutions. Resilience of SMEs to ineffective judicial system have limits, and there is hope that current reforms in Ukraine would lead to positive changes in this field.

Our focus:

  • Support for Judicial reform

  • Procedural fairness for SMEs

  • Building trust in judicial system


SMEs in Ukraine represent over 99% of all registered legal entities (over 1.7 million entities are SMEs), thus it is crucial to support their growth by access to affordable finance. Filling the gap in SME financing is important from a number of points, including economic growth, creation of work places and state budget fulfillment. In addition to traditional debt and equity finance, modern trends shift towards impact investment, social bonds, crowdfunding and activities alike. Governments and financial institutions should evaluate every financing opportunity that is available for SMEs.

Our focus:

  • Support for financial sector reform

  • Creating financing opportunities for SMEs

  • Impact investment and blended finance




In addition to workable business idea and personal willingness of SME managers to succeed, there is a strong need to operate the company in pragmatic and correct manner. Understanding how to plan activities, structure corporate hierarchy, introduce high business standards, cooperate with partners and investors, deal with legal and financial challenges is important for every SME. Sustainable development of a company is much more feasible with the use of best international practices and learning from other successful business operators’ experience.

Our focus:

  • Business administration and strategy advice

  • Industrial and trade policies

  • Advocacy and education campaigns