C.A.S.E.S. International
CASES International



C.A.S.E.S. International detects pressing issues that are relevant for large percentage of our target audience, conducts fact-based analysis of the issue in question and drafts relevant recommendations to authorities and international organizations. The final and often the longest stage of the positive change circle is our advocacy campaign. We aim at practical implementation of recommendations in any acceptable form they may be after consultations with key stakeholders. Our main objective is to fulfil our mission by making SMEs and the middle class more stable and resilient to any challenges they may face.

Our priorities for SMEs

Enabling business environment

Access to finance and investments

Effective business operations and trade practices

Our priorities for middle class

Creation of work places with decent conditions and salaries

Design and advocacy of state incentives for development of the middle class

Promotion of social dialogue between government, businesses and society